27 | She/Her | DoB: 10/21 | B.A (English) Graduate

Welcome! This Carrd page is a hub for where I can be contacted.

My tastes are all over the place honestly, but I do have some hyperfixations! These will be subject to change though, so keep an eye out! Anything that is italicized on this list gets the most attention by me!


Languages (Yes, constructed languages (conlangs) included.)
Food (Talk to me about food! Please keep in mind that pork, lard and related products as well as substance abuse are completely, and absolutely OFF LIMITS for me!)

This is where my interests get the most all over the place as mentioned earlier. Anything goes honestly (I'm a sucker for video game soundtracks though), but I WILL avoid many songs/soundtracks that touch the extremes of sensitive topics and/or triggers, or otherwise generally disturbing subject matters. There will be exceptions, of course, but they are so few far and in between.


(Take note that some games listed here are not for general audiences. View the ratings of each game listed, please!)

BlazblueDOOMGuilty GearMinecraftPataponTaiko no TatsujinTerrariaAmong Us

The following Do Not Interact info applies to ALL websites I use, some of which contain personal triggers that I have. If you, at any point of time, for any reason disagree with what is written here, avoid contact with me and navigate away from this page now. This page is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Keep in mind that I have the right to refuse to interact with you if you fall under the category below, even if it happens prior to any form of interaction. Complaining about it WON'T help the situation either. I hope this is well understood.

Are a pedophile and/or support criminal exploitation of minorsAre a zoophile and/or support sexual abuse of animalsJustify abuse in generalAre okay with stigmatizing mental illness and patients who suffer from itIntend to harass and/or stalk me and people in contact with meAre prone to spreading personal, sensitive information WITHOUT them being public knowledge and/or permission from target individuals (doxxing)Are okay with bullying, harassment or otherwise generally hateful behavior, regardless of whom this is being targeted towards, and for what reason it is doneAre okay with discrimination against disabled peopleAre a racistAre theophobic and discuss theophobic content to offend people who practice.Promote hate speechSupport genocideAre a thief of intellectual propertyUse public NSFW accounts to interact with my accounts and contentAre a known obsessive, elitist or bothEvade a block based on reasons stated above or otherwise